my story

I'm a hopeless romantic, capturing the candid, unforgettable moments that are filled with love, tears, and happiness.

My name is Andrea Arostegui (pronounced a-roast-eh-ghee) and I live in sunny, South Florida, where we speak Spanglish on a daily basis and greet everyone with a hug or a kiss on the cheek. I have been shooting beautiful love stories since 2010 and with every wedding I document, I fall in love with what I do even more.

I started this business photographing most of my friends' weddings. While some photographers refuse to shoot their loved ones, the experience taught me how to treat my clients with the same love and respect I give my friends and make sure I'm capturing every emotion as it happens with excellence.

I live for the relationship-building experience I get to have with my couples and the friendships I have developed with them along the way. Tambien les puedo hablar en español ;-)

Meet andrea

my cooking & handy-man skills, crying behind my camera at every wedding, my love for traveling, being an open book on Instagram, and my secret shame: mtv's the challenge.

what I'm known for:

when I stand before


at the end of my 


I would hope that I would not have a 


bit of



and could say,

'I used everything You gave me'.

-Erma Bombeck